Alleged underwear thief nabbed by deputies

A Lake Charles man has been arrested and booked into jail for allegedly stealing women's lingerie from the clothes dryer at a local apartment complex at 1515 W. McNeese Street. A search of the man's apartment turned up forty pairs of women's underpants.

A woman complained that 51 year old Michael Kohl had stolen multiple pairs of her panties out of the apartment complex dryer-- and when deputies investigated they found forty pairs of women's underwear in his apartment.

The victim and a second women confirmed some of the panties had been stolen from them. Said Sheriff Tony Mancuso, "Detectives and deputies that went there were able to knock on his door and ask him for permission to search. He gave permission to search and we did find numerous amounts of women's panties. After questioning Mr. Kohl it was determined that he's probably been doing this for a couple of years and stealing the panties out of the laundry room of the complex. We actually have a couple more victims now at this time."

Mancuso says the theft may seem minor, yet it's a good idea to report such crimes. "People may think it's funny and cute and hilarious and whatever. We see the comments on Facebook and the things that are said, but this is a real invasion of somebody's personal space and personal property that I think it needs to be reported and it should be reported."

The residents at the apartment complex won't have to worry about the alleged thief striking there again. He's moving. "It's my understanding they were going to evict this particular person. It's also my understanding that voluntarily he has vacated the property,"said Mancuso.

Kohl was arrested and booked for theft under $500.

Mancuso says if there are other victims,  they should contact the sheriff's department. He says Kohl appears to have no prior criminal record. Kohl has bonded out of jail.