Has the recession caught up with Welsh?

WELSH, LA (KPLC) - When compared to other communities who have fallen on hard times because of the recession, the town of Welsh continues doing relatively well, at least according to Mayor Carolyn Louviere.

In late 2009, the town made headlines for going through a mini-economic boom (for a community its size). Louviere said since then, while a few businesses have been forced to close, overall the town's economy has continued improving.

"So far we're still doing okay," said Louviere. "I mean naturally it could be better, but I think we're holding our own."

Louviere said in the last eighteen months, Welsh has had a number of businesses open and she says a new 32-home subdivision, located east of town, will hopefully attract new residents. The subdivision will be completed in July, according to Louviere.

The mayor also said plans are in the works to improve some of the town's roads and sidewalks and she remains optimistic that downtown Welsh, where several vacant properties sit, will become vibrant again.

Louviere said a new veterans park will soon open and she hopes people will continue taking advantage of some of the housing in downtown.

Welsh was recently in the news for violent crimes, but Louviere said the town is addressing those issues and by being proactive, she hopes it will help the community's image. Louviere said the crime is not widespread and those interested in moving to Welsh should not be in fear for their safety because of a few bad apples.

"We just have to keep tooting our horn and let people know what we have and invite them to come in," said Louviere.

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