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Car hits house after other driver runs stop sign

Front of Camry Front of Camry
Camry Windshield Camry Windshield

A driver hits a house after being hit by another car that ran a stop sign. It happened around 11:30 Saturday night at the intersection of 7th Street and 3rd Avenue. According to witnesses the driver of a late model Mitsubishi Galant was traveling down 7th Street and ran a stop sign hitting a driver of a Toyota Camry.

The driver of the Camry lost control went into a nearby yard and scraped an oak tree before hitting the front steps of a home. The homeowner tells us she heard a boom and came outside to see a lot of smoke coming from the car. Both airbags from the Camry were deployed and it appears the female driver made impact with the windshield.

The homeowner called 911. The Lake Charles Fire Department, Police and Acadian Ambulance responded. At least two people, the female driver of the Camry and a passenger in the Galant were taken to the hospital. No word on the extent of their injuries nor if anyone was ticketed.

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