Welsh passes resolution to seek help from LSP

WELSH, LA (KPLC) - The town of Welsh passed a resolution Saturday morning asking for help from the Louisiana State Police to assist with increased crime in the community.

Illegal activity on the west side of Welsh has escalated within recent weeks, according to city officials. A gunshot was fired through the bedroom window of a Welsh home early Friday morning.

Authorities said numerous shootings have occurred in recent weeks as a result of fights breaking out in neighborhoods in west Welsh.

Tommy Chaisson, Chief of Welsh Police, said that the community could definitely use the help from Louisiana State Police.

"I think it will be a deterrent," Chief Chaisson said. "Having their prescience here is going to keep the streets clean."

Welsh mayor Carolyn Louviere said this is the first time the town of Welsh has had to turn to the state for assistance with crime.

"The people in this town are very important to us," Louviere said. "We have a wonderful town that we see needs help right now, so we're reaching out to get the best help we can."

While residents are interested in assistance from the Louisiana State Police, they are fearful it will only be a temporary fix.

Welsh resident Bernie McLaughlin addressed the town council with his idea to get the community to approach the problem as a whole.

"My recommendation to the council is to form a blue ribbon committee of business leaders and church leaders and other people in the community to approach it as a long term solution and figure out how to get on top of the problem," McLaughlin said.