City to hire marketing firm to promote Lakefront

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A week after the Cypress Group's proposed development gets rejected for HUD funding, the Lake Charles City Council is back at work trying to attract new offers for Lakefront development and to help them do it they're now hiring a marketing firm.

"We didn't want to have any delays and make sure other developers had opportunity to make use of that perfect property," said John Ieyoub, Lake Charles City Councilman.

The City Council unanimously approved a resolution Wednesday night to hire an outside marketing firm to promote the potential the Lakefront has to offer.

"It opens up new avenues for us to introduce our Lakefront to potential developers," said Stuart Weatherford, Lake Charles City Councilman.

The marketing firm will showcase not only the properties available but the improvements and investment made by the city, including the Lakefront Promenade, nearby Marina and other projects already underway.

The city believes the move will attract not only regional but national interest among developers who are experienced in developing large tracks of land.

"I just think the time is right to do that. I think that as time goes by we are starting to see some improvements in our economy and hopefully that means capital will start freeing up and people will want to develop. Because I think there is a real opportunity on our Lakefront to develop something we can all be proud of," said Weatherford.

"We are working hard to look for the right person with right project for economic development, beauty, and everything that we want to encompass and to get people to the Lakefront and not to compromise what the people love about Lake Charles," said Ieyoub.

With Wednesday night's approval the city can begin the process of putting out fields to hire a qualified marketing firm.

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