All Blood Donors Called To Action!

The following is a news release from LifeShare Blood Center:

LifeShare Blood Centers is reporting that the blood supply in Southwest Louisiana is at a Critically Low Level according to Kristi Morris, Manager of Recruiting and Collections.  All blood types are needed immediately!  Donations can be made at our center, 214 Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive in Lake Charles or any mobile drive:
Thursday, June 16 at
Westlake Chemical (all locations)
Louisiana Pigment
Walgreens on Ryan St

Friday, June 17 at
Westlake Chemical (Petro and Poly)
Louisiana Pigment
Market Basket in Kinder

Saturday, June 18 at
Prien Lake Mall
Market Basket in Lake Arthur
Stines in Sulphur
Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office in Ragley

Calling all Donors
Summer Shortages came Early this Year

Lake Charles, LA—June 15, 2011--During the summer, blood donations typically decline; at the same time, patient need increases. Because of the current heat wave and drought, LifeShare Blood Centers has experienced an exceptionally steep decline in blood donations.  Area patients – people who are our family, friends and neighbors – need blood every day, regardless of the weather. Blood cannot be manufactured; only people can donate blood to help other people.

Coronary Artery Bypass 1-5 units
Fractured Hip/Joint Replacement 2-5 units
Cardiovascular Surgery 2-25 units
Bleeding Ulcer 3-30 units
Brain Surgery 4-10 units
Auto Accident/Gunshot Wound Up to 50 units
Liver Transplant Up to 100 units
Other Organ Transplants Up to 10 units
Bone Marrow Transplant Up to 2 units/day
Sickle Cell Up to 4 units/month
Aplastic Anemia Up to 4 units/month
Cancer Up to 8 units/week

Come help us beat the heat on Friday (8am until 7pm) and Saturday (8am until 2pm), June 17th and 18th.  LifeShare Blood Center, 214 Dr. Michael DeBakey Drive, will be raffling prizes, washing cars, and  grilling hot dogs for all donors.  Please come out and help save lives, remember it may be you or someone you love that needs this precious gift next.

Potential donors must be at least 16 years old, meet height/weight requirements, feel well and healthy at the time of donation, and eat a well-balanced meal with increased fluid intake prior to donation, know the names and doses of any medications taken, and the reasons for taking the medications. Identification must be presented at the time of donation.  16 year old donors are required to have a signed Minor Donor Permit form at the time of donation.  The form can be printed by going to, click on DONATIONG, click on WHOLE BLOOD, click on MINOR DONOR PERMIT Form (D-08I) and print.

The cool facts about a hot topic!

MYTH: It is not safe to donate blood during hot weather.
FACT: Blood donation is safe at any time for healthy donors. All you have to do is use the same common sense that you use to take care of yourself during the heat wave.
Here are some suggestions for you to help you through the heat wave and enhance your life-saving blood donation experience:
Sleep, Eat and Drink Before Donating
• Get a good night's sleep.
• Eat regular meals to make sure that you are not donating on an empty stomach.
• Drink plenty of fluids. When you donate blood, your body loses about two cups of fluid. After donation, your body replaces the fluid almost immediately by drawing water into your blood from surrounding tissues.

When you arrive at the donation location, drink a bottle of water before you donate. The value of drinking water 30 minutes before the donation has been found to enhance the donation experience. Drinking water before your blood donation pro-actively replenishes the fluid loss from donation.
After you donate, be sure to have a seat in the refreshment area to rest a moment, drink another beverage, and have a snack. Avoid being outdoors in the heat, and avoid strenuous physical activity or heavy lifting for a few hours. If you feel light-headed, lie down until feeling better.
These small measures can help you beat the heat and make a big difference in enhancing your experience of donating life-saving blood. How cool is that!
To schedule your donation, visit, or contact LifeShare Blood Centers at 337-436-4932 or locate a convenient mobile blood drive near you.