Jennings considers pay raises for city employees

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - The Jennings City Council is considering giving all city workers a two-percent pay raise as they prepare to adopt the 2011-12 fiscal year budget.

While times have been tough, officials say the city's fiscal situation has improved in recent months and the increase is needed to help Jennings stay competitive.

"Our employees typically aren't the highest paid employees around," said Jennings Mayor Terry Duhon. "We try to give these increases so that we can maintain quality people and attract quality people."

The pay raise will not benefit the mayor or the city council.

In addition, the city is considering raising the pay for starting police officers.

Overall, the city's budget will increase by about two percent. The increase is largely attributed to rising police and firefighter retirement contributions, a percentage of which the city must pay under state law.

The city council is expected to adopt the budget when they meet on June 28th. The new fiscal year begins on July 1st.

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