Packaged skin heals wounds faster

When a band-aid just won't cut it, doctors are now using a futuristic tool called bio-engineered tissue. The tissue is essentially packaged skin taken from pig intestine and human foreskin that can simply be placed on a wound.

The square of tissue acts like a scaffold for new cells to latch onto. The NIH said if you zoomed in on the tissue you would see something like a giant loofah sponge with interconnected cells.

Dr. Ameer Khan, a family medicine physician at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, uses the tissue for persistent wounds and said it can heal the wound three or four weeks faster than traditional treatments. He said doctors can use the tissue on any kind of wounds such as diabetes ulcers and arterial wounds.

According to the NIH, researchers are still investigating all of the uses for this tissue including ligament reconstruction and treating incontinence, but more than a dozen companies have already capitalized on the product.

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