Piccadilly Circus at LC Civic Center

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The Piccadilly Circus was in town complete with jugglers, elephant rides, a petting zoo and even a boxing kangaroo.

Zhen Martinez and her husband Alexis Martinez, both are circus performers. While Zhen is the juggler in the family, Alexis is more of a daredevil. Alexis and his brother ride motorcycles in a caged globe and always come within inches of colliding.

And the Martinez's aren't finished with showcasing their family full of circus professionals.  Papa Martinez, Alexis' father, is also in on an act of his own. He and his Kangaroo named Rocky have a comedy act called The Boxing Kangaroo - kids love it.

General Manager, Zack Garden says Piccadilly Circus has been known to showcase the elephants who were sent to Joplin, Missouri to help out with picking up the disaster debris.