LC Police respond to domestic stabbing

Lake Charles Police responded to a domestic dispute early Saturday morning where a woman stabbed her boyfriend in self defense.

Authorities arrived at 2223 Opelousas Street early Saturday where a male forcefully kicked the door in where his girlfriend and her four children were in the house.

The woman armed herself and stabbed the man more than once.

Authorities added just prior to this incident, the woman had asked her boyfriend to leave when he came back and attempted to break in early Saturday.

Police said at this point the matter is being treated as self defense.

"We've said publicly to our residents here if someone breaks into your house you have to assume that they are there to kill you," said Chief Deputy Kraus with Lake Charles Police. "You should understand that you are the only thing between your safety and the safety of your children or family behind you."

Authorities said the man is stabilized, but is still in serious condition. Lake Charles Police are still investigating the incident.