KEZM-AM may have to close doors

A sports radio station in Sulphur could have to close their doors due to property issues with the transmitter site location.

KEZM-AM is an all sports radio station and the only radio outlet in Sulphur. The land where the station's antennas are located will soon be used for other purposes due to new ownership.

"They want to develop it into something else," said Bruce Merchant, owner of KEZM-AM.

The land will soon be used to develop apartments. Merchant will have to find another transmitter location site for the radio station to continue their broadcasts.

"Property is very hard to come by," Merchant said. "That's because we can't put the antenna system anywhere in town."

The radio station will be in danger of closing their doors for good if they are unable to find a location they can afford.

"It's a real possibility," Merchant said. "It's more likely to happen than me being able to come up with $50,000 or $60,000 to rebuild the towers somewhere else in town."

Merchant is working to obtain a special temporary authorization until a location can be found to relocate.

"We're the only radio station in Sulphur," Merchant said. "The small town radio station is disappearing."

Bruce Merchant bought KEZM-AM on February 1, 1998. Merchant said relocation has recently become a common thing for AM stations across the country.

"It's a problem for AM radio stations because our antennas take up too much land," Merchant said.

The station has been on the air in Sulphur since 1955.

KEZM-AM has until approximately the end of the year to find a different location.