SWLA boasts Paramedic of the Year

The Acadian Ambulance Paramedic of the Year, Steven Simon of Lake Charles, is the first ground EMT from Southwest Louisiana in the company's history. Simon has over 14 years of experience under his belt saving lives.

"Years ago we were perceived as just an ambulance ride to the hospital. It's much more than that now. We're like rolling emergency rooms," explained Simon.

Simon earned his stripes by responding to some extreme emergencies. He even delivered a premature baby on board a ferry boat.

"He was actually on the ferry in between Galveston and so he had no hospital access. He either stepped up an did it or lives would've been lost,"  described Carl Gautreaux, Acadian Ambulance.

"She ended up giving birth on the way to the hospital and 26 weeks are really not expected to survive but this baby is still alive today," gushed Simon.

His own supervisor, Gautreaux, said he would trust his loved ones to Simon.

"I always said if I needed somebody to pick up one of my family members I hope it's Steven," said Gautreaux.

He cannot save every life, so Simon looks to a higher power to cope.

"You can do everything that you can for a patient and sometimes it's still not good enough.  I always tell my students that when God puts his hands on the patient's left should, take yours off the right. Just know that you've done a good job," said Simon.

Now Simon passes his experience on to future paramedics as an adjunct teacher.

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