Deputies attend taser training

Deputies with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office attended a taser training class on Wednesday to obtain certification to carry and use a taser on patrol.

The deputies learned how to properly use the weapon along with the effectiveness of the taser.

Deputies sat through four hours of classroom instruction. In addition, 5 deputies in the patrol division were tased for the first time to become certified to operate the weapon.

CPSO authorities said after deputies are tased they are less likely to abuse that power.

"It's painful, there's a tingling sensation and you're unable to control your body's reflexes," said Senior Cpl. Ryan Mareno with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office. "If you've been tased you understand that it's not a toy and you're a lot less likely to use it as a punishment tool or improperly misuse it."

Authorities said the taser training is for the deputy's safety in the long run.

"Tasers reduce officer injuries as well as suspect injuries," said Senior Cpl. Mareno.

The Sheriff's Office has also seen a reduction in liability as a result of using the taser in certain situations.

"The taser allows us in 5 seconds to subdue someone who we used to spend 30 minutes fighting," Senior Cpl. Mareno said. "It's greatly improved our agency by reducing our liability."

Deputies said they feel it is important they are trained both behind and in front of the taser weapon.

"To me it's important for us to know and to feel the same effects that the people that we deal with are going to feel," said Bryan Guth, a CPSO patrol deputy.

The Sheriff's Office currently has 265 officers certified to carry tasers. The taser training classes are split up at different times throughout the year. Deputies are required to be re certified every year.