Air Quality Action Day declared for Lake Charles

The following is a news release from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality:

An Action Day has been declared for Lake Charles, LA, on Saturday, Jun 4

The Air Quality Index indicates that ozone will be at the orange level, which is unhealthy for sensitive groups. Increasing ozone levels may cause unhealthy air quality during afternoon hours. Active children and adults, the elderly and people with respiratory diseases, such as asthma, should avoid prolonged outdoor activities and exertion.

Area residents are encouraged to take one or more of the following
voluntary actions to help reduce the formation of ozone::
• Drive less. Carpool, walk and bike, combine errands and care for your car. Be sure your gas cap is on tight.
• Refuel your vehicle, mow grass and use gas powered lawn equipment and off road vehicles after 6 p.m.
• Postpone chores that use oil based paint, varnishes and solvents that produce flame.
• If you barbeque, use an electric starter instead of starter fluid.
• Take your lunch to work or walk to lunch
• Conserve energy in your home.