Jenkins charges dismissed

It was a brutal crime for which no one has been brought to justice-- the murder of Linda Moore in January of last year. Charges have been dismissed against the man initially indicted Marlin James Jenkins had been charged with second degree murder and rape in connection with the killing of 50 year old Linda Jackson Moore on January 15th,  1010. Moore's body was found behond a car detailing shop near Belden and Shattuck streets.

District Attorney John DeRosier explains the DNA evidence retrieved from the victim did not match Jenkins.  "We do have some DNA material that has been analyzed that should be relevant to who the possible perpetrator was and that DNA does not match Marlin Jenkins. That does not mean he is or is not the individual who committed this, but it certainly gives us something that we have to take a look at."

DeRosier says the investigation will continue to try to get more evidence to bring the killer to justice. "We have to do the investigation in a proper form to make sure that when we do bring it to court we can prove that fact, that he is indeed the perpetrator beyond a reasonable doubt."

And while the DNA doesn't match Jenkins, DeRosier says it doesn't mean he's been exonerated. But DeRosier points out it does no good to go to trial with a case that's not solid because a guilty person could go free. "Remember that if we swear in that first witness in the courtroom and determine that we cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt and that defendant is found not guilty we can never go back and try if additional evidence comes to light. So, we have to be sure we have sufficient evidence before we move into the trial."

Officials say Moore died from blunt-force trauma. Her face was almost unrecognizable. They are hopeful one day the killer will be brought to justice. Anyone with more information on what happened to Linda Moore should contact Lake Charles Police.