Jeff Davis Sheriff not seeking sixth term

The following is a statement from Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff Ricky Edwards, Jr.:

I want to take this opportunity to announce that I will not be seeking a 6th term of office as Sheriff of Jefferson Davis Parish.  The Institutional Office of Sheriff is not about the person but about the Institution itself.  I have been blessed to serve some of the best people in the world, the citizens of Jefferson Davis Parish and Louisiana.  I have always tried to bring honor, stability, leadership, and improvement to the office for the Citizens.   I could not have done my job without the wonderful people who make up the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office.   I am blessed to have an experienced staff that works to serve the people not themselves.

I look forward to working with the next Sheriff of Jefferson Davis Parish as I will accept a position at the LA Sheriff's Association at the end of my term on June 30, 2012.  My goal is to continue to serve the citizens of Jefferson Davis Parish and to now serve the Sheriff's of Louisiana and their respective citizens.

None of my goals or dreams would have been possible were it not for God, My Family, and My Friends.