Cub Scout collects canned goods for flood victims

A Cub Scout from Sulphur went door to door for two weeks collecting hundreds of cans for flood victims in Louisiana.

Patrick Zipprian, 8, with Cub Scout Troop 84 was challenged by his leader to get more involved in community projects. The scout set a goal to collect at least 500 cans for the residents affected by the recent flooding.

In his pursuit, Zipprian has used the motto "Every one (can) counts" to keep him motivated.

Zipprian and his mom went door to door in Sulphur everyday for the last two weeks. Zipprian's mom, Jennifer Zipprian said the people of Sulphur were very supportive in the endeavor.

The cub scout collected 450 cans by May 21st and delivered the load to the Salvation Army.