Jurors hear eye witness testimony of Rankins shooting

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The story of the murder of Alexus Rankins and alleged efforts to cover up who was involved continues to unfold in State District Court. Today the jury heard from eye witnesses to the shooting.

It's a tedious process as prosecutors put together their case for jurors with bits and pieces of evidence from various witnesses, photos, videos and items seized in the investigation.

The state is trying to prove that Sean Newton committed first degree murder of Alexus Rankins by firing a gun into a crowd of people who had just left the mall the night of March 27, 2010.

Newton and his brother Brandon are also charged with inciting a riot and obstruction of justice. And Brandon Newton along with their parents, Nina and Rodney Newton,  are all charged with Accessory after the fact to first degree murder. Nina Newton also faces Obstruction of Justice charges.

The jury heard from various witnesses including 18 year old Terri Brown who witnessed the shooting and went to the hospital with Alexus. Brown says she saw a gun come out of the driver's side window of a car that was a gray, silver looking color with tinted windows and four doors. And Brown testified that she heard two shots and saw Alexus fall to the ground and brown went to the hospital with her.

The jury also heard from a witness who says he was there the previous December when Sean Newton bought a gun...and another witness who says a guy named D. J. And Sean Newton had argued the night of the shooting.

And though the shooting is said to be gang related, witnesses do not appear willing to admit to any gang involvement or identify any of their friends or associates as members of any gangs.

The state continues putting on witnesses at nine Monday morning. Judge Clayton Davis told jurors they could get the case to begin deliberating as early as Tuesday.