Thriving 30-something: Dave Evans

Restaurant owner, musician and downtown pioneer Dave Evans, 36, is rockin' and rollin' in his 30s. Luna's Bar and Grill, his downtown restaurant, has been serving customers for six years in its current location. His biggest passion is as he says "Lake Chuckian" culture.

"You'd be terribly surprised at how many people come in here and whenever I say Einstein [a painting of Albert Einstein on the wall of his restaurant] was done by a local. People say, 'No way! No way! Somebody from here did that?' It's amazing to me," gushed Evans.

For Evans the restaurant business runs in the family.

"That was my example.  I was brought up counting quarters on the pool table," described Evans.

When he set out on his own, money was tight. He said, "I scrounged up a couple of thousand dollars and found a little location on Pruitt Street."

Hurricane Rita ruined the building only a year after opening in the original location leaving Evans with nothing.

"Good things came from Rita. We came down here [downtown] not knowing and not planning to do that and it's the best thing we've ever done," said Evans.

Nestled on historic Ryan Street in downtown, Luna's is filled with rustic brick and eclectic art. Now Evans is expanding the Luna's family. Across the street a sign reads: 'Luna's Live Coming Soon.' The second location will feature live bands and catering.

"I'm a musician. I love art. I love food. I love feeding people, so a restaurant involving all those things made a lot of sense," explained Evans.

Evans has a wife and three children and says he has big plans for his next 36 years.

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