May 11, 2011 - Troop 1

It was one hundred years ago that Seaman Mayo, Sr. helped bring Boy Scouts to the Lake Area.  Nine boys were signed up by him to begin the Scouting program in Southwest Louisiana.  Eagle Scout and Silver Beaver recipient Rev. Henry Bowdon, Jr. Helped re-organize Troop 1 a few years ago.

"It was the first troop here in Louisiana," said Bowdon. "In fact, the first troop south of the Mason/Dixon Line west of the Mississippi.  Baden Powell brought Scouting to America in February of 1910.  On April 23, 1911, Troop 1 was formed."

Former Troop 1 member Charles Shea went on to work with NASA and says there's a who's who of Lake Charles names on Troop 1's rolls.

"Most of Lake Charles, all the prominent leadership at that time gravitated to Troop 1," said Shea. "As I have looked at the names, they are household names that come back to me and I know what has happened and what they've done for Lake Charles over the years."

St. Luke Simpson pastor Karl Klaus says names like Ryan, Kushner, Krause, Chavanne and Collette have passed through Troop 1.

"It's quite a legacy," said Klaus. "Talk about strong shoulders to stand on.  They literally are standing on the shoulders of community leaders that have been a part of the fabric of Lake Charles for a hundred years."

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