Immigrant family looking for better opportunities

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Many of our ancestors emigrated to America in search of economic prosperity and a better way of life and so it is for many today..

As we continue our look at the Hispanic community of the Lake Area we visit a restaurant that represents one family's pursuit of the American dream:

At Victoria's Taqueria on Broad street you can get authentic Mexican cuisine for breakfast or lunch-- and while it's a place where Hispanic workers feel right at home, plenty of locals have also discovered the delicious food prepared fresh and fast.

Says customer John Dees, "Their breakfast burritos are the best. I really enjoy it with the hot sauce as well."  You can find local attorney Bryan Gill there as well, "I'm eating breakfast, buying it for my office just like I do about twice a week I suppose."

It's run by five sisters and named for their mother Victoria who stays home and cares for grandchildren. Though they get help from their father and three brothers, it's the sisters in the kitchen cooking chopping, slicing and cooking away.  Explains Veronica Medina as she stirs beef sizzling in a skillet, "Everything is fresh. All the vegetables we cut in the morning. Fresh meat. All the food made in front of you."

They even roll out their own homemade tortillas. The women are from Mexico and they miss their homeland. But the family came to America to work. First to Michigan and then to Lake Charles. "We came from Mexico because right there we don't have opportunities," says Veronica.  Her sister Nancy Medina confirms that. "Better opportunities, better pay and jobs." Work.

Some of the sisters are American citizens. Says Nancy, ".My son and daughter live here. I live here. So it's better future for my children here."

They start early and stay long hours but they are used to hard work. In the kitchen and the dining room you see portraits of Our Lady of Guadeloupe.  They are faith filled people confident their efforts will be rewarded.  Says Nancy, "She's the one who gives us strength to don't give up."

And of more value than material wealth, coming here and opening the restaurant allows family members to remain together. Veronica says, "My dad and my mom, my brothers and my sisters. We're all together."

Who's to say if they'll stay or go as they pursue a better life in America--but those who come here to eat can't help but hope they succeed. Customer Gill says, "The food's great, the corn tortillas I recommend and the salsa verde is awesome."

Tomorrow we'll hear about why some think the immigration laws need to be reformed--