Flat feet causing pain?

An estimated 20 or 30% of all people have no arch, a condition that can cause serious pain called flat feet. Sissy Sausier, 12, was born with flat feet, like every other baby, and as she matured arches formed. A sports injury popped her tendon attached to bone supporting that developing arch and caused Saucier extreme pain.

"It hurt really bad. My mom thought I was exaggerating," said Saucier.

Most develop an arch during their teenage years, but some never do.

"Not all flat feet are painful and those that aren't painful are generally considered a normal variant," explained Dr. Scott Hofer, orthopedic surgeon at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital.

The arch-less foot forced Saucier to walk differently causing her injured foot to turn out, said Dr. Hofer.

Dr. Hofer put Saucier in a cast hoping to heal the foot without surgery and before basketball season starts. Saucier is a rare case though, said Dr. Hofer. Most people who have flat feet do not get it from an injury, but are born with or acquire the deformity over time. He suggested only seeking treatment if the deformity causes pain.

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