Rayne Tornado relief effort and reaction of victim's father

Band playing and dancing tonight at Musique Relief Effort in the City of Rayne.

The event was aimed at the victims of the March 5th tornado that hit the city very hard causing broken windows, demolished houses, torn businesses and the greatest devastation to one community - a dead woman.

City of Rayne Police Chief Carroll Stelly along with Knights of Columbus' Chad Landry said that a local musician is who started all the buzz about holding a music event with all proceeds going to the area's tornado victims.

One 80yr old resident, Vernita Coleman recalled her tornado day with very vivid memories of getting on her knees in the corner by her freezer while praying hard. She was very thankful to have survived but her house was completely destroyed - making her now a resident within her daughter.

Jude Granger is the father of the only deceased victim of the tornado. His daughter Jalisa Granger was killed while saving her own son from being crushed by a tree that toppled over and hit her home.  He says that he cries everyday thinking about his babygirl who was just 21yrs old.

"I get up every morning, and I have a picture of my daughter on my dresser. I have a little tear. And I just go on and make the best out of it" said Granger.

The home Jalisa died in has since been removed so as not to be a constant reminder of what happened in the small community.

And although there is a relief effort fundraiser happening today, it is clear that the devastation still looms largely in this community.

If you want to help out, Chad Landry of the Knights of Columbus suggests making out a check for "Musique Relief Jam" and mail it to P.O. Box 1 Rayne, LA 70578.  Or contact the City of Rayne's Police Department.