Seat Belt Checkpoint in Moss Bluff catches lawbreakers

'Click it or ticket' is more than just a catchy phrase.  It is the law here in Louisiana to either buckle up or be ticketed. In an effort to ensure citizens in our area are doing the right thing, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office conducted a seat belt checkpoint in Moss Bluff.

Captain Doug Poole had this to say, " We are being committed to the citizens of Calcasieu Parish. We want to be out here doing these checkpoints, making sure everybody is doing what they are supposed to do. Seat belts save lives and we know that!"

According to the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, 824 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes on Louisiana Roadways in 2009. And of them, 65% of drivers killed were not wearing a seat belt.

Saturday's checkpoint happened on Topsy Road and Highway 171 in Moss Bluff. Here are the statistics:

-More than 1100 vehicles passed through.

-More than 50 vehicles were pulled over.

-More than 40 citations handed out.

Proving the point of what law enforcement officials say, "Checkpoints like these are very effective."

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