Bean Bag Baseball big hit with seniors

At Pryce Miller Rec Center you can walk on the beautiful indoor track, or ride an exercise bike or even kick up your heels up to Zydeco to get your exercise. Many seniors say they've found a second family here. Says Senior Glenn Wiltz, "My house just recently burned down and if you want to have a family come to this center and you'll see how much a family we all are."

One of the greatest attractions has become-- Bean Bag Baseball. Explains Senior Coordinator Mary Jean, "The object is to throw it into the hole. You get first, second, third base and you're out or a home run."

The teams are warming up... Pryce Miller 1 and Pryce Miller 2... Soon it's time to "Play ball." From behind the pitchers mound, so to speak, I get a good view of the action.  And there's nothing like a home run to thrill the crowd.

It may be fun and games but the competition is fierce.  One couple sings to the opposing player, "Nah nah nah nah. Goodbye!  Who needs peanuts and Cracker Jacks?

And after nine innings game is over: 29 to 13.  The winner: Pryce Miller team 1.

The Ward 3 Recreation Center operates the Pryce Miller Recreation Center on Albert Street. Stop by for a schedule of activities or call 502-5231.