Thieves mistake sunflowers for giant okra plants

The owners wonder what the world is coming to when people steal plants growing outside. But it seems to be literally a garden variety case of mistaken identity.

Explains Kacee Lewis, who owns the large garden near the corner of Moeling and Simmons, "Everybody wants to know what kind of fertilizer, what kind of Miracle Grow? Or what kind of seeds I've been having because my okra is growing an inch a day?"

The leaves may be similar but they're not okra plants at all. They're sunflowers. And the owners planted them around the garden to keep the birds and bugs away from the okra in the middle. Says Kacee, "It's clear as day it's a sunflower. Okra is a lot smaller. I'm trying to beautify the neighborhood, have something nice for everybody to look at but I'm trying to stick strictly to organic stuff. Reason for the sunflowers, the birds and the bugs like sunflowers more than they like the okra. So, if I give them something to fill up on they won't go to my other products."

But amazingly for the third time people who apparently think it's okra have tried to dig up and make off with what they think is giant okra presumably to get seeds for next year. "I'm 100% sure that they thought they were getting seeds for next year," said Kacee.

The owners, who have a snow cone stand next door, say hundreds of people have stopped by wanting to know about the giant okra plants. In fact one even stopped while I was shooting video. "Is that okra? The tall plants?" yells a man in a pickup truck.

It's a shame says Lewis, that people steal. He suggests they ask for what they need. "If you need something just ask for it. There's no need to take it or no need to try to steal it. And then more importantly if you're going to steal something and you have to steal something, know what you're stealing."

Soon enough, once they're in bloom, it will be plain enough these are sunflowers. And K and B Unlimited will be here selling the okra off Moeling Street and other locations.

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