Sanity exam ordered for man in stepdaughter death

LAKE CHARLES, La. (AP) - The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal has halted jury selection for a second-degree murder trial and ordered a sanity examination of the defendant.

A psychiatrist and a psychologist testified last week that 35-year-old Wilson Locke is sane and able to stand trial over the shooting death of his stepdaughter six years ago. Defense attorney Ginger Vidrine filed a two motions for a third doctor to examine Locke to determine his present sanity.

A three-judge appeals court panel on Tuesday overruled state court Judge Clayton Davis' denials of Vidrine's requests for a third examination.

The sanity hearing is set for June 22. Locke's trial is now scheduled for Oct. 11.

28-year-old Serebia Dean was found dead in Locke's Lake Charles home on May 3, 2005.

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