Jennings resident taking complaints to city council

JENNINGS, LA (KPLC) - Loud music, barking dogs and loitering-- they are among complaints a Jennings woman brings to the City Council tonight. The outspoken senior seeks stepped up law enforcement in her neighborhood.

On the west side of Jennings it appears peaceful enough during the day-- yet at times Ella Lopez says the noise is unbearable." Loud music in the vehicles or in the yards. People don't visit in the homes anymore. They visit outside in the street where everybody can hear them."

Lopez says sometimes the music outside is so loud the windows rattle and they can't even hear the TV inside...and she complains of people who don't seem to have anywhere to be.  "They block the streets. You can't pass. I fear that it's not going to quit. It's just going to escalate."

Her goal is to get stepped up patrols to enforce the law. "I'm a taxpayer here. I live here. This is my home and I want it safe and I want it quiet."

Seventeen year old Bryan Gary, who lives in the neighborhood, is all too familiar with the crime problem. His older sister and cousin were among eight women whose mysterious deaths still haunt the community. "Sometimes it's hard to get through the day but I just take it day by day and try not to think about it."

Bryan says he's not part of the problem and agrees young people should try to make it better for their older neighbors. "Yeah they probably do got a lot of noise around here because people pass, blaring their music, banging and stuff like that. At least out of respect, whenever they pass by their house, at least cut their music down a little bit."

For now Lopez stays inside for the most part, quilting and trying to find peace and quiet at home. Police Chief Todd D'albor says they have and will continue to work with Lopez and other citizens to enforce laws in neighborhoods. He encourages people to call police promptly when they see or hear a problem.

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