Mother's Day in SWLA

Whether it was a relaxing time at the beach or eating at their favorite restaurant, "Mom" was on everyone's mind.

We did our story today from inside Steamboat Bill's off of N. Lakeshore Drive in Lake Charles, La. There were many mothers who came to eat who had their own idea of what it meant to be a mother.

The video posted is best to articulate their very strong feelings - as only video can do in this particular case.

In order of speaking appearance: Jerrett Riggs/Humble, Tx, Jennifer Griffin/Austin, Tx, Heather Odom/Austin, Tx, Nikki Jackson/Spring, Tx, Bertha Sweet/Lake Charles, La, Rose McCoy/Franklin, La, Sandra Racca/Sweetlake, La, Scherry Jackson/Garfield, Ak, Paddy Pap/Lake Charles, Brittany Daigle (woman on beach).

And a special Happy Mother's Day to everyone! Including this writer's own mother in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Happy Mother's Day from KPLC 7 News.

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