Preparing your home for Formosan termite season

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Termites are swarming in to south Louisiana as part of the Formosan termite season that happens every year in early May.

The Formosan subterranean termite alates, or winged termites, are swarming in slightly later than usual this year due to a late winter season.

High infestations are most prevalent in port cities like Lake Charles and New Orleans where they have had time to build larger colonies.

"Termites eat cellulose and generally they're naturally occurring in the ground," said Keith Dubrock, owner of McKenzie Pest Control in Lake Charles.

Dubrock said termites often infest homes where there is a moisture problem. However, he said there are things home owners can do to prevent termites from infesting in their home.

"You want to make sure that there's plenty of slab," said Dubrock. "All it takes is 1/64 of an inch for termites to go through."

Dubrock also said it is a good idea to not keep the plants next to the home.

"By keeping flower beds away, then you keep that soil from getting up against the slab," said Dubrock.

Formosan termites are most noticeable at night and are attracted to lights inside and outside your home. Contact your pest control company if you have any issues with termites.