Grand Lake family's home elevated through SRL program

CAMERON PARISH, LA (KPLC) - A Grand Lake family's home is the first to be elevated with the house and slab together in southwest Louisiana since Hurricane Rita and Ike.

Chris and Angi Theriot, of Grand Lake, were recently approved to receive funds from the Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL) federal program. A total of seven families in Cameron Parish received SRL funds to assist with home elevation costs.

"We flooded twice in a 5 year period," said Angi Theriot, a Grand Lake resident. "We thought Rita was once in a lifetime, then Ike hit a few years later. I don't want to test it and see if it will happen again."

Patterson Shoring began elevating the Theriot's home on April 27th, more than year after looking for a company to elevate the slab and house together.

"Originally we could only find people that would do separations," said A. Theriot. "We didn't want to do that."

The home lifting process is spread out over at least month long period.

"The guys literally go in, dig in, and drive blocks down in the ground," said Jeremy Patterson with Patterson Shoring. "Then we'll set our hydraulic jacks up, hold the lever, and then start raising the house."

A. Theriot said that she will never forget the sight when the workers began elevating her home.

"I was right here when I saw the stuff start separating," said A. Theriot. "It's so gentle that you don't notice until it really starts separating."

The Theriots are thankful for the opportunity to elevate their home with the help of the SRL grant.

"If another storm comes we won't be homeless," said A. Theriot. "We might have oceanfront property but we'll be able to look at it from our porch."

Patterson Shoring elevated the Theriot's home to 4 feet high last week. The company will continue lifting the home until it is 12 feet high.

For information on elevating your home, feel free to call Patterson Shoring at (504) 241-4500.