May 4, 2011 - Fontenot brothers

Five Kinder brothers have dedicated their lives to military service.  Three served in World War Two and the other two in Korea.  Elliott Fontenot took part in numerous Pacific invasions, delivering soldiers to the beaches.  He remembers being with another boat mate under sniper attack.

"He was firing at us," recalled Elliott.  "I think what was saving us was the bumping up and down of the boat in the water.  Finally he pulled me down and said, "Man get down.  Heroes don't live.  Don't you hear those bullets going by?"  I said I thought I heard something but I didn't know what it was."

Mason Fontenot says with four brothers in the military, their mother did a lot of praying.

"Mama was on her knees praying night and day for us," said Mason.  "She was a prayer warrior.  She wouldn't just say the Lord's Prayer.  She would get down and talk to him."

"She'd start with the oldest one and called everyone's name," said Ermin Fontenot.  "Then when she got through praying for all of us, she'd pray for everybody in the neighborhood.  Because they had loved ones in the Army and some of them had lost their lives."

A fifth Fontenot brother, Dudley, served in World War Two, but died shortly after the war.  And a sixth brother, the youngest, wanted to join up.

"He wanted to go," said Franklin Fontenot.  "But my mom cried and told him he couldn't go.  So he didn't go.  But he wanted to.  She said no, you're going to stay home with me and he did."

This week we salute the Fontenot Brothers from Kinder as our KPLC Billy Navarre Hometown Patriots.

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