Sulphur business marks bin Laden's death in unique way

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Here at the Lube Shop on Ruth Street in Sulphur they are offering what they call the Bin Laden's gone special: $15 off on an oil change which is almost half price. It's been a big hit with customers like Heather Nabours who is thrilled that Osama Bin Laden has met his demise. "I have friends in the military, I have friends over seas and I totally respect what they're doing for our country and I love them."

Those who work here say they've gotten a lot of shouts of support from those who drive by as well as those who stop. Owner Mike Ruiz says they are proud of our military and their success. "We were really excited about the news last night that Bin Laden had been caught and killed and so we want to do something to show our excitement and show that we were appreciative of what the military has done."  Says Heather, "I love it. My mom told me about it this morning. She gave me her card and said, 'Hey, go get your oil changed today so, alright good. I needed to anyway and $15 off, can't beat it."

Maintenance manager Ryan Authement is only 19 but is a proud member of the Louisiana National Guard and wants to be a part of the war against terrorism. "It's about time we got him and we're proud that we got him. It's a great day for us. I thought (the oil change discount) it was a great idea. I mean, I loved it. And the customers love it. I mean we're getting an outstanding business today. We really enjoy it. We really appreciate the business we get today."

Though the mood is one of celebration, there's concern about what the future holds as far as terrorism against America. "It's a great day for America, it's a great day for Pakistan but I'm also kind of scared because I'm sure they're not going to be too happy over there," admits Nabours.

But for now they smile and take advantage of the "Bin Laden's Gone Special."

The $15 off oil change was supposed to be for one day only but due to overwhelming public support he's decided to continue it til Friday.

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