Benny's Cups of Hope for Alabama Tornado Victims

Alabama Tornado Victims are getting a little help from a little boy named Benny Barnes.

He is 10yrs old and an honor student whose favorite movie "Pay it Forward" has been his blueprint to doing good. He switched his plans from selling kool-aid for money in order to take a girl to the local festival (Contraband Days) to helping out the victims of the Alabama Tornadoes.

"When Hurricane Katrina hit and Rita, I went to Alabama to evacuate.  I thought that if I escaped the storm from here I should help them out with their storm", said Louisiana resident Benny Barnes in response to why he decided to start this process.

A former neighbor stopped by to lend her support by buying a cup of the sweet stuff. And she too had a story of her own adding that in 1995 after the Oklahoma City Bombings, she set up her own kool-aid stand in order to help out those victims.

That busy-quiet corner of Tulane and Auburn streets in Lake Charles, brought about much buzz on KPLC's Facebook page. Even prompting some online friends to come out and support.

"He's also inspiring some of the younger kids or other kids his age or even older kids to try to do some of the same things" says Cherie Trahan.

"After seeing he was a Saints fan, I had to bring him a Brees jersey", Darrell Seaward of Seaward Electrical brought Benny a gift. He said he remembers when he and his family had their home destroyed when Hurricane Rita blew through.

On May 10th, Benny plans on sending all money to his Alabama connection within the local churches.  Those churches will then disperse the funds to Alabama Tornado Victims.

And if you are in the area, Benny will have his kool-aid stand open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 4pm-6:30pm; Saturday 8am-5pm and Sunday 12p-5pm.

For more information on monetary donations, please contact Terri Payton 337-842-3003.  To date Benny has raised $509 for the cause.