April 27, 2011 - Vietnam Veterans

Sitting along I-10, Veterans Memorial Park has become a popular spot for both tourists and locals.  Bricks representing veterans from the nation's wars are here.  This Saturday, veterans from Vietnam will be remembered, as it's the 35th anniversary of the end of that war.  Terry Courville fought that war.

"It doesn't seem that long ago because a lot of our veterans still have nightmares and they visit Vietnam sometimes every night," said Terry Courville, a Vietnam veteran.  "It's not a closure yet to Vietnam Veterans."

Lee Perkins is member of the Marine Corps League.  He disagrees with some who say Vietnam was the only war the U.S. lost.

"We did not lose one battle in Vietnam," said Perkins. "What really broke the Communist's back was the Tet Offensive.  It was downhill from there.  The politicians wouldn't let us win."

And Dan Didelot says he wants history to show that his fellow soldiers did what they were asked.

"We did our duty." stated Didelot. "We'd like people to know that.  We didn't question it. Going back to what President Kennedy said, what we can do for our country...and we did it."

So this week, we honor all local Vietnam Veterans as our KPLC Billy Navarre Hometown Patriot.

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