Vitter addresses infrastructure and coastal erosion in Hackberry

CAMERON PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Senator David Vitter visited with Cameron Parish residents about infrastructure problems and coastal restoration at a town hall meeting in Hackberry Wednesday morning.

Residents voiced the concern that there is a need for more roads and bridges in Cameron Parish.

"Right now in Cameron Parish our main concern is the lack of it," said Wendell Wilkerson, a resident of Cameron Parish. "We're down a large ferry right now and the one of our pontoon bridges is out of service."

Wilkerson argued that the lack of accessible roads and bridges is hurting business in Cameron Parish.

"It's real difficult to get companies to come in and locate in Cameron Parish without the ability or the knowledge that they can get in and out," said Wilkerson.

Senator Vitter said he plans to move toward improving infrastructure in southwest Louisiana.

"I'm on the committee that deals with that in the Senate and I'm working with others on the next highway build for these sorts of needs in mind," said Vitter.

Coastal restoration is another issue residents voiced their concerns about during the town hall meeting. Residents fear dredging will lead to more erosion on the Cameron coast.

"As we dredge the Ship Channel deeper and wider, we have bigger issues with saltwater intrusion which affects agricultural areas and lead to erosion," said Charles Precht, President of Cameron Parish Police Jury.

Senator Vitter said he plans to work toward improving coastal restoration as well.

"Folks in Hackberry and other places in Cameron know from experience how much the Gulf has come up in these communities and how much land we're losing," said Vitter. "We need to do something about that before it's too late."

Vitter also made stops in Beauregard and Vernon parishes on Wednesday afternoon.

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