Easter Sunday in SWLA

Easter was in full swing at the Livingway Pentecostal Church in Lake Charles. There was a few resurrection skits along with Easter egg hunting and tossing.

A few children had their own phrase for what this day meant. Kasidee Roberts said "Jesus Died"; Jace Dawson said "He rose from the dead" and Abigail Dowden said "Celebrating Jesus".

Sunday School teachers Bethanie Fontenot and Carlos Borjas had their own messages of "...being grateful of Jesus dying on the cross to save us from our sins so that we may have eternal life".

Pastor Glenn Massey had a strong message saying "...because the tomb was empty and Jesus overcame, that means he gave us victory to overcome."

One family consisted of a blend of the Hoopers and the Reeds. We saw a delicious spread of yams, rolls, rice, meat, cake and banana pudding.  With bellies full, they simply believe that eating and playing together makes for a very strong bond whether it is Easter or not.

Livingway Pentecostal Church is located at 1617 East McNeese Street in Lake Charles, LA.