Social Security options discussed

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Social Security concerns range from elderly people now dependent on those monthly checks to aging baby boomers increasingly fearful it won't be there when they need it. Denise Bottcher is the Louisiana spokesperson for AARP which represents about 500,000 members throughout the state. Says Bottcher, "They are a force. The fifty plus population is going to be the largest population segment in about twenty years. So that segment, 65 plus population is going to grow 81% in the next twenty years. So the decisions and choices we make today are going to affect this population twenty years from now."

She says AARP believes with a little tweaking social security can be solvent for many years to come. Though she says they are stilly studying it before coming out with their recommendations. "Changes that have been offered by a committee have been to raise the age limit on that, raise the retirement age, raise what people pay into social security, raise the configuration. So it's a lot of different things that are on the table. We're looking at all of those to determine which one would work. But everyone needs to know that Social Security right now is a solvent program and will be for the next couple of decades. But the choices we make today on fixing the problems we foresee in the future, we've got to make those choices today."

The ability to work longer is made more difficult when employers don't seem to want to hire older workers except in low paying minimum wage jobs. That says Bottcher is one reason older people should look for ways to re-invent themselves. "A web site we have has a great list of tools for people to re-invent themselves and to update their resume and do those online things that everyone needs to be doing to market themselves," said Bottcher.

So retirement may not come as early or as care free as some hoped--yet being active with work has it's benefits as well for those determined to wear out rather than rust out.

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