Bilbo The Bird finds a home at rescue HeckHaven

Yesterday we heard the story of a baby bird that was found on Bilbo and Division Streets, tonight we checked in on our little friend.

The baby sparrow has been nicknamed Bilbo by staffers at KPLC-TV.  HeckHaven, a non profit rehabilitation center, took the bird into its facilities and gave him a very comfortable home. Bilbo is sharing his new digs with a couple of his sparrow friends who were also rescued.

The founder of HeckHaven is Suzy Heck. She depends on donations of individuals in order to operate her facility that houses everything from possums, raccoons, horses, deer, roosters, ducks, pelicans, owls, parrots, cockatoos, and even a potbelly pig named LuLu.

Most of the animals are brought to HeckHaven from Animal Control, Wildlife and Fisheries and State Park Rangers. Private citizens are welcome to bring any animal found that may be in need of some extra help.

In the case of baby birds, Suzy Heck says if you find a baby bird don't be afraid to pick it up and put it into a box. Make sure you nail the box to a tree near the place you found the bird. And place that box up as high as you can. As soon as the baby bird starts to cry, the bird's mother will hear it and take care of its offspring.

If you would like to make donations or get in contact with HeckHaven,  head to our links page for more information.