Police Jury announces new anti-litter initiatives

3D litter billboard. (Source: CPPJ)
3D litter billboard. (Source: CPPJ)
An example of the litter bags. (Source: CPPJ)
An example of the litter bags. (Source: CPPJ)

The following is a news release from the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury:

April 21, 2011 – In preparation of Earth Day, the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury has begun new educational and awareness initiatives to the Parish's Litter Program.  This year's Earth Day has a theme titled:  "A Billion Acts of Green," which encourages people, organizations and businesses to become empowered to generate a billion acts of environmental service and advocacy.  The initiatives detailed below explain how the Police Jury has contributed to this theme, as well as future initiatives on the horizon.

3-D Litter Billboard
Unfortunately, wide-spread litter continues to be a problem in Calcasieu Parish. For the public who may not notice this fact, the Police Jury's 3-D billboard reinforces the statement, with actual items of litter erected on the board itself.  This year, the billboard will continue to show new items of litter, but will have a positive message for passers-by to read.  The Office of Public Works and the Sheriff's Office Litter Inmate Crews helped design the trash on the billboard.  First Federal Bank also assisted in supporting the project. Vice President Leslie Harless says, "We are pleased to participate with the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury in their efforts to educate Southwest Louisiana on the negative effects of littering in our communities." The new 3-D billboard replaces the first board originally put into place in February of 2010, and will remain in place for many months.

New Awareness Campaign Places Children as the Voice of Responsibility
One age demographic that doesn't seem to show indications of littering are children.  When it comes to this issue, children should be teachers; teaching adults about the negative impact litter has on a community. After all, the mess currently being made - predominately by adults - in Calcasieu Parish will soon become the youth's problem to clean-up as they mature. With this in mind, we have created a series of television spots, and all other forms of media with children being the spokesperson, speaking out to other children in the Parish, asking them to "sponsor an adult" and help teach them how to do the right thing when it comes to litter.

Instead of using the popular phrase "Do it for the children," children are asking their fellow peers to "Do it for the adults."

Newly Designed Litter Bags
Throughout the course of this year, we will be producing new litter bags for the public to use with a cultural touch.  Many supporters of the litter program have made mention in the past two years that the orange and black litter bags the  program currently uses could be more visually pleasing.  To celebrate the rich variety of Calcasieu's outstanding culture, the Police Jury will be joining forces with local artists to create an "artful" litter bag.

The first design that will be launched into the community depicts a painting by Lake Charles artist, Kevin Leveque. Leveque is passionate about the fight against litter.  "We live in such a beautiful region.  I paint many landscape scenes of Southwest Louisiana and I see first-hand the magnificence of this area. I am happy to help lend my support to the litter project.  I am hopeful people will put trash where it belongs, which, in this case, is in a litterbag!"

As the year continues, more artistic litter bags will be produced with new selections of art from more local artists.  Any business or organization wishing to become a part of this initiative in handing out these new litterbags should contact the Office of Special Programs at 721-3595.

Adopt-a-Road Program
The Police Jury has initiated the parish "Adopt-a-Road" program for businesses and organizations to become engaged with.  If they want to make the commitment to help keep an area of Calcasieu Parish clean, they may contact our Office of Public Works at 721-3700, for more information.