Perkins police interview released to KPLC

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - The jury that found Bryce Perkins guilty of Second Degree murder watched this video in court-- an interview Lake Charles Police investigators did with Perkins in the hours after the killing of Daniel Gueringer at a Fourth of July party. One thing that no doubt influenced jurors is that Perkins lies numerous times during the interview.

Police tell Perkins that other witnesses, some his friends, are telling a much different version..

His story about the gun changes throughout the interview.

The gun was eventually found buried in the back yard at Perkins' dad's house.

Assistant District Attorney Rick Bryant says Perkins lied because he knew he had committed murder.

Whereas defense attorney Tom Lorenzi says Perkins lied because he was scared.

At this point Perkins stands convicted of manslaughter and is serving a thirty year prison sentence.

We'll have excerpts of the DVD on later editions of 7News.

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