Oakdale man arrested; nearly 100 snakes seized

David Beauchemin. Photo Source: Wood Co. Sheriff's Office.
David Beauchemin. Photo Source: Wood Co. Sheriff's Office.

QUITMAN, TX (KPLC) - When an Oakdale man was arrested in Wood County Texas, Sheriff's deputies seized a total of 78 snakes from his motor home.

David Beauchemin was arrested late Tuesday night on his property on an outstanding bench warrant from Allen Parish.

Back in March of last year, David and Tawni Beauchemin were arrested for illegally selling big snakes online. There were also reports that David advertised as a "pet adopter" on Craigslist, but fed those pets to his snakes.

The couple were to be arraigned in September, but they both failed to show up for the court hearing. Bench warrants were issued for both of them. Officials with Allen Parish Sheriff's say when David was arrested in Texas, Tawni's belongings were found on the property, but she was not.

Officials say David will be brought back to Allen Parish to face his bench warrant, but when that will happen is unknown.

He faces 22 counts of animal cruelty.