Congressman Boustany Interview: Part 2

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It came down to the 11th hour, but Congress passed a budget avoiding a government shutdown. Congressman Charles Boustany said it really was up in the air whether a compromise would be made.

"Fortunately a deal came through that implements $38,500,000,000 in cuts for the remainder of this fiscal year which is less than six months away," said Boustany.

The House has already passed a 2012 budget plan. Boustany calls it "ambitious" and said it will cut 6.2-trillion dollars from President Obama's budget and overhaul Medicare. He's optimistic the Senate will give it the green light.

"It's going to cut spending. It's going to put us back on a path to prosperity. It's a fact based budget. It's an honest budget," said Boustany.

As for the troops overseas, Boustany acknowledges while much work is still needed in Afghanistan, progress is being made in Iraq. However, when it comes to the new conflict in Libya, he questions the current role the U.S. has taken.

"I'm furious that the President did not consult with Congress before doing this. It was not an emergency, not an attack on the U.S. and the President needs to come to Congress to get some authority to keep these troops in the field," explained Boustany.

With the 2012 presidential race just around the corner and rumors already circulating - we had to ask: Donald Trump for President? What are your thoughts on that? - Still undecided, Boustany suggested to colleagues they vet all the prospective candidates.

"We should make them come and join us for breakfast and sit there and question them and see if they are made of the right stuff. So I'm undecided right now and I'm going to put these guys through the ringers before I make a decision," said Boustany.

Congress is currently in recess for the Easter holiday and reconvenes May 2nd.

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