Fusion Five teaches kids to recycle

Children got a very detailed yet fun explanation on how important it is for them to connect with their world through recycling, re-purposing and reusing. The Fusion Fivers sponsored the 2nd Annual Going Green event at The Children's Museum.

The speakers came in the following order:

- Adriana Arango was there to teach children the value of turning their table scraps into compost.

- The Junior Team Green explained the value of reducing, reusing, and recycling old computer paper, magazines, aluminum cans, and junk mail.

- The Calcasieu Parish Police Jury's Special Events Coordinator, Jason Barnes showed a very entertaining "trash-model" called TrashSquash. The nearly 7ft model was completely made up of trash collected on the streets of Calcasieu Parish.

-Wildlife Conservation with Friends of the Refuge brought with them a sea turtle and some animal pelts for the children to feel. The purpose of the pelts was to warn kids of poachers and for children to appreciate wildlife from a safe distance.

-Barbara Monroe rounded out the day with water conservation. She reminded children that even if squashing a bug is necessary, throw the bug in the garbage rather than flush it down the toilet - toilet water has been treated and therefore unnecessary flushing is wasteful.

Fusion Five is Southwest Louisiana's Young Professionals Organization. For their website information, please go to our links page.