Moss Bluff students collect "Pennies for the Park"

A group of students from Moss Bluff Middle School raised hundreds of dollars at a fundraiser called "Pennies for the Park" on Saturday afternoon.

The students are a part of the non-profit organization known as "Cooper Cares." Funds raised at the fundraiser will go toward Millennium Park in Lake Charles.

Cooper Olinde, 13, of Moss Bluff started the organization shortly after Millennium Park burned to the ground in January.

"It is wrong what was done to the park," said Olinde. "I think the community deserves another chance."

Olinde's group started with five classmates from Moss Bluff Middle School. Since then his group has grown to more than a dozen classmates that volunteer their time on Saturdays to raise money for the park.

"I think it's right for the community for us to help out in giving back to them, for everything that they've done," said Madison Youngblood, a volunteer with "Cooper Cares."

Olinde hopes that this fundraiser will be only the beginning for the "Cooper Cares" organization.

"My goals are to improve the community," said Olinde. "I hope to show people that it doesn't matter what age you are, you can always make a difference."

"Cooper Cares" will continue holding fundraisers for Millennium Park for the next couple of weeks.

For more information on the group's future projects or how you can donate to the cause, go to our KPLC 7 News Facebook page for a link to the organization's page.