DWI Simulator, teen drunk driving prevention

Students at Barbe High School got a real taste of what it would feel like if they were to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated. Project Know officials brought a DUI Simulator to the school grounds. The high school crowd sat behind the wheel where they had total control over gas, brakes and the steering wheel.

Project Know's Project Director Mary Allemond explained that the DUI simulator is a vehicle that uses sensors with real time responses to create a "real" drunk driving experience.

Donavon Guillory who is an 11th grade student at Barbe says that even though the simulation car was stationary, his experience left him with the message to not only never drink and drive himself but to spread the word to his friends.

One of the people at the school was a public speaker for kids against drunk driving. His name is Jeremy Alaniz. Not long ago, Jeremy had been drinking then got behind the wheel and ultimately killed his good friend Christopher.  Christopher's mother was on hand to lend support to the cause.

Along the same lines of sharing personal stories, Advocate for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.) Barbara Dartez told the crowd about her grandson being hit and killed by a drunk driver. A story she still gets very emotional retelling.

Assistant Principal, Shannon Lafargue, says he is very hopeful that today's DWI message got out in time for the school's prom tomorrow night.

To sum it all up, Jeremy Alaniz had this to say "Kids are just so young and don't realize what they're doing. That's why we are here trying to help them all. If we just save one kid, we are doing our job."

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