Big Lake Pontoon Bridge will be closed starting Monday

CAMERON PARISH, LA (KPLC) - The Big Lake Pontoon Bridge in Cameron Parish will be closed for 8 weeks beginning April 18th for dry docking maintenance and inspections.

Residents must take the Black Bayou Bridge to get on and off the island until the Big Lake Pontoon Bridge is reopened.

A burn ban for Big Lake Island will go into effect on Monday during the time the pontoon bridge is out of service.

The Cameron Office of Emergency Preparedness has made plans for emergency response on and off the island.

"In case of a fire we're going to have a boat here at the bridge that we'll be able to transport volunteer firemen to the other side of the island," said Eddie Benoit, the director for the Office of Emergency Preparedness.

Cameron OEP is in the process of making plans for emergency response if the Black Bayou Bridge were to close at the same time.

"If the Black Bayou Pontoon Bridge were to close at the same time then they would get a helicopter to come in and get the individuals off the island," said Benoit.

Residents argue it is not the best time to repair the bridge with the high gas prices.

"The gas prices are steep," said Keith Constance, a resident of Big Pasture.

"It's not a good time for them to do it with the kids being in school either," said Rusty Holcom, a resident of Big Lake.

However, the residents do realize that the bridge maintenance needs to be done.

"In the long run it's better, at least we have a bridge," said Constance. "It's better than not having any at all."

Residents are urged to leave a little early Monday to avoid heavy traffic on the Black Bayou bridge. School buses will run a little earlier than usual as well.

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