General Honore urges personal emergency planning & help for Haiti

DERIDDER, LA (KPLC) - Retired army Lieutenant General Russel Honore says getting prepared is key as seen in the aftermath of the disasters in Japan and Haiti. Honore is known around the world for his leadership in the Department of Defense response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. He's now helping with efforts to drill community water wells for people struggling to survive in Haiti.

Honore is the author of a book called Survival-- and wherever he goes -- he carries a message of what individual people and families should do to take responsibility for themselves in a disaster.  "Just as the people of Japan just have confirmed, you need to be prepared to be your own first responder. You need to be able to take care of your family, you need to be able to take care of your neighbors. How do you do that? By being personally prepared."

Yet at the same time, Honore is doing what he can to help with Rotary Clubs' Haiti earthquake relief project building water wells to help people there survive. He spoke to the DeRidder Rotary club. "This is a country in the Western Hemisphere that don't have clean water in the village. When another project was built with four shower heads next to the school it was so the kids could take a shower with clean water coming out of the ground as opposed to bathing in the ditch."

Honore says the military is supporting Japan as the country tries to respond to disaster there. And he says he still believes in nuclear power, but points out, "We had an incident last year with BP in the Gulf. I don't think we should ban drilling in the Gulf, nor do I think we should ban nuclear power. It's a function of government, creating the regulations, and oversight to make sure these plants are built safe."

He encourages private citizens who want to help with humanitarian aid for Japan to go through the American Red Cross. To support the water well building in Haiti he says contact your local Rotary Club.

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