April 13, 2011 - Clarence Janies

Clarence Janies served in aircraft maintenance in the U.S. Army during World War Two.   Serving in the Pacific Theatre, he was especially close to Japanese attacks while stationed at the various islands surrounding Japan.  As the wounded started coming in, Janies found himself popular among the doctors and nurses.

"Late that evening, they got on the PA system and wanted me to go to the infirmary," said Janies.  "I said what in the world do they want with me?  I couldn't figure that out.  I got there and they wanted my blood because I have the rarest blood type.. AB negative."

And Janies still remembers hearing the cries of dying soldiers, asking for their mothers.

"And up to this day, about once a year, I get a nightmare and boy I can hear them screaming.  That's something that stays with you.  Oh yeah."

One memory Janies can't get out of his head is the image of Japanese soldiers and their wives committing suicide rather than being captured by the Allies.

"They had the women with them, you know.  Right on a huge cliff, they were throwing babies overseas and they were jumping you know.  They weren't about to surrender."

Clarence Janies, this week's KPLC Billy Navarre Hometown Patriot.

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