Lake Arthur cracks down on pit bulls

JEFF DAVIS PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Nearly a month after a vicious pit bull attack on a young boy, police in Lake Arthur are actively enforcing a seven year-old citywide ban on the breed.

Lake Arthur Police Chief Cheryl Vincent said her department is confiscating pit bulls within the city limits and writing tickets.

Furthermore, any dog owner who lives in Lake Arthur must verify the breed of their dog if police have any suspicion.

"They have to, with their own expense, go to a vet, have the vet check the dogs out and send us a letter," said Vincent.

City officials say it's all about ensuring safety of residents.

"There was a lot of concern out there about the breed, about the possibility of [another attack] happening to someone else's child," said Lake Arthur Mayor Robbie Bertrand.

But pit bull advocates believe the breed is being unfairly targeted because of negative coverage in the media.

"Instead of banning a breed and causing a confiscation of a dog and potentially family members losing a part of their family, I think that we should be more pro-active and really preach responsible ownership," said Renee Smith, founder of Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue.

Authorities say some pit bull owners have voluntarily surrendered their pets. They say owners have so many days to find a home outside the city limits or else their pit bulls will be put down.

Lake Arthur Police also advise residents to be on the lookout and report any pit bull sightings.

For more information on Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue, find the group on Facebook or email them at

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